We are a growing Bible church in Lovettsville Virginia. Our desire is to be a place unchurched people would feel welcomed, "over-churched" people would be encouraged and churched people would grow. Over the past few years, we've built a strong community with several families from the area. We are casual in our atmosphere and solid in what we believe about Jesus Christ. We are a Bible-teaching church that is not connected with any denomination. Though Catoctin Bible was founded only in the past few years, our leadership has experience. Our Pastor and his family have been involved in ministry for over 36 years.

Our mission is to significantly reach this area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to help our people engage their culture with the truth of the Bible. We equip them with: the clarity of the Gospel, personal evangelism, in-depth knowledge of the Bible, and straightforward answers to issues that hit the headlines. Our heart is for people to be able to give an answer that is Biblical and challenging in the marketplace of ideas, whether at the office, over coffee with a neighbor, or on the college, high school, or middle school campus.

That's a snapshot of who we are and what we're about. We pray you would consider coming and being a part of what God is doing here at Catoctin Bible Church.


Our heart's desire is for you to come to the place in your life where you understand that you need a Savior.

People spend their lives searching for truth, listening to all the voices telling them there is no truth, getting all their info and direction from people who sound right but whose lives are all wrong. It's hard to admit that we don't have all the answers. It's even harder when hurting things happen in life and we wonder where God is.

During those times people make the mistake of running from God instead of running to Him. Some just live life numbed, keeping busy with things that don't matter so they can avoid facing the truth of their empty life. Others think they're just too bad, they've done too many things wrong, that God wouldn't want them...they just don't understand the grace of God, how none of us deserve what God wants to freely give us. They don't know it, but they have it all wrong about God and life. Others think they don't need God, they have everything they need. Where they live makes them important, the job, the position, the money, is all they need. Until the emptiness, the boredom creeps in, so they have to experience the next thrill to keep going. There are always counterfeits in life, and that's what their life is.