We are a relatively new church in the Northern Virginia area (Lovettsville, VA; Loudoun County, VA; Brunswick, MD). Our desire is to be a place unchurched people would feel welcomed, "overchurched" people would be encouraged, and churched people would really grow. Over the past few years, we've built a strong community with several families from the area. We are casual in our atmosphere and solid in what we believe about Jesus Christ. We are a Bible teaching church that is not connected with any denomination. Though Catoctin Bible was founded only in the past 3 to 4 years, we are not rookies. Our Pastor and his family have been involved in ministry for over 36 years.

We really want to see God do something here - to significantly reach this area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to help our people engage their culture with the truth of the Bible. Giving them the tools: the clarity of the Gospel, personal evangelism, really knowing the Bible, and straight forward answers to issues that hit the headlines. Our heart is for people to be able to give an answer that is Biblical and challenging in the marketplace of ideas, whether at the office, over coffee with a neighbor, or on the college, high school or jr. high campus.

We have a strong emphasis on jr. high, high school and college age. The Barna Research Group has an unnerving statistic: "Only 20% of churched kids are involved in church or ministry or have anything to do with the Lord when they reach their twenties. That means of the kids who are involved with church right now, 80% of them will walk away from church completely when they get into college. That statistic ought to knock us over. A 20% "spiritual success rate" means we're missing something.

We believe that to make a significant change in that statistic we have to make some changes on purpose in church and in youth ministry. Creating a ministry that disciples, trains, fellowships, and knows how to talk about Jesus Christ with College students to Jr. Higher's is one of our priorities. The average churched student doesn't know for sure if he died that he would go to heaven. That means that he's clueless about the most important issue in the Bible. So if students don't know Christ as their personal Savior that is one of the biggest reasons they "walk away" from church in their twenties. If they don't know how to get to heaven, you can be sure they can't tell a friend how to get there. Our youth ministry, Counterpart, is designed to grow students in the Word of God and their walk with Christ, and to minister to reach their friends with the Gospel. We do Bible studies that they can use and we do outreaches that they want to invite their friends to.

That's a snapshot of who we are and what we're about. We pray you would consider coming and being a part of what God is doing here at Catoctin Bible Church. We are a Bible Church in the city of Lovettsville, Loudoun County Virginia.